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tonight waiting to see what's next after the u.s. and british forces fire on moammar gadhafi's regime. libyan state television is reporting 48 fatalities in the missile assault and claims most of the victims are children, but that has not been confirmed by u.s. sources. of course gadhafi is vowing to fight back. the u.s. is leading a coalition of some 20 nations in what's being called operation odyssey dawn. welcome to the news edge, i'm will thomas. >> and i'm maurine. the strikes are clearing the way for european and other planes. craig, what can you tell us? >> will and maurine, three u.s. and navy destroyers along with british vessels fired more than 110tomahawk missiles. >> today i authorized the armed force of the united states to begin a limited military action in libya. >> speaking to reporters while on an overseas trip, president obama announced a joint military effort has begunfiring on key targets inside libya. the move comes after top world leaders met in paris to decide on a course of action against moammar gadhafi's continued aggression against rebel forces. >> this
. >> reporter: by this morning, the u.s.s. reagan and its support ships and other u.s. military personnel had already begun 20 missions. the aircraft have been conducting missions on the lookout for things like this, a man found 10 miles out to sea, clinging to his roof. he had apparently run back to his house to retriever things when the tsunami hit. he broke down and cried. his wife remains missing. in addition to military help, the u.s. is providing lots of civilian humanitarian add. two rescue teams, one from fairfax, virginia, the other from los angeles have arrived in japan. they are among teams sent from 10 different countries. the american red cross also helping out in an assistance capacity for the japanese red cross. >> there are also pockets of communities where no one has been able to get to yet, because they've been cut off by roads that have been destroyed or even by the tsunami waters that haven't receded. those are the people we're really worried about. >> reporter: the good news about this disaster with so many assets already in place in japan at the naval base, the naval sta
is responding. >> reporter: seven u.s. military ships were sent to the region, including the uss ronald reagan with medical facilities on board and airlift capabilities to move people and supply. president obama had a briefing this morning. the white house said, by his homeland security advisor in the office. and in japan, the u.s. has 38,000 troops stationed in japan. the defense department put out this video of marines preparing to leave their homebase on the island of okinawa, to head to mainland japan with rescue equipment, cargo, personnel, and other assets. robert gates said the military wants to provide whatever is needed by the government of japan and the u.s. embassy in tokyo. >> we have the ronald reagan closing on japan right now and sending another amphibious ship and we're pulling in helicopters from around the region region and so on and those two ships can be used for helicopter operations in the humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. >> and usaid deployed two urban search-and-rescue teams at the request of the japanese government. one team left today, and joining the rest
glass bottle. the officer used the tazer to no apparent affect, possibly because the man was wearing multiple layers of clothing and the officer drew his gun. the suspect continued to advance toward the officer. the officer was backing away, suspect continuing to advance and the officer fired his service weapon more than once. the suspect was struck more than once. >> reporter: appeared the three shell casings were on the ground. one civilian witness observed the shooting. the suspect was taken to a local hospital and is expected to survive the shooting. the officer who fired his gun has been placed on routine administrative leave while the incident is investigated. in aspen hill, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >>> an early-morning shooting left a man hospitalized and investigators looking for clues and that happened in the unit block of l street before 2 a.m. the victim was not carrying i.d. and police have not publicly identified him. there is no word on the severity of his injuries. >>> and in a few hours earlier, police were called to grand view avenue in wheaton for a shooting. a 20
, abduction, and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony in the first degree. >> investigators say thomas typically approached women outdoors on foot and threatened them with a knife, screwdriver, or a handgun. the last known attack occurred on halloween night in 2009 when two teenagers were raped on their way home from trick-or- treating in virginia. now, a sigh of relief for many communities. >> i'm very happy. very happy that he has been caught because i was always afraid he would come back. >> in the back of your mind, where did this person come from? i have teenage children and i feel so much better that this person is caught. >> thomas is being held on $1 million bond in new haven, connecticut. he is scheduled to appear in court on monday. in new york, julie, fox news. >>> the news edge on maryland, where a man is under arrest after a deadly hit-and-run in prince georges county. the driver of the pickup truck hit the victim on pennsylvania avenue just before 10:00 last night. police say the driver was changing lanes and the victim was wearing dark clothing. the driver kept
a movie. >> it's us on stage, bones banter hour. >> oh, my god. can you imagine? >> i love it. >> we go for however many years and then i think i am getting rid of this guy and someone says -- >> nine months out of the year, free buffet. >> reporter: dan springer, fox news. >> that's a wrap on the 10:00. >>> the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. >>> it is getting uglier in lybia tonight. a coalition airstrike bombed moammar gadhafi's residential compound. that's just the beginning. welcome to the news edge at 11:00. i'm will thomas. >> i'm maureen umeh. gadhafi issued a statement saying his troops are preparing for a long war. the u says gadhafi was not the target -- the u says gadhafi was not the target -- the u s says gadhafi was not the target. >> we now have the capability to patrol airspace over lybia and we are doing that shifting to a more consistent and persistent air presence. the no fly zone is effectively in place. >> we've seen the people of lybia take a courageous stand against a regime determined to brutalize its own citizens. >> def
water used in emergency cooling will have to be released into the environment at some point. more than two weeks on, the scale of this catastrophe is still too big to gauge. in osaka, fox news. >> radiation from japan has traveled to the west coast of the united states. it is not a lot, but it is moving east. health officials say there's no reason to panic. it's about the same as what occurs around the calvert cliff plant in southern maryland and the plant in pennsylvania and not enough to pose a risk. >> there's no reason for alarm. there's no public health concern. what has been reported are trace levels of radioactive material in the air around the country. and we did detect very, very, very small levels in the air in maryland. >> california's health department put the levels there at a fraction of the radiation of a flight from los angeles to chicago. what's been found in maryland is significantly less than what's been found in california. >> the news edge on the district where mayor gray is under fire. less than three months into his first term, he's about to be hit with tough que
of total beer sales in the u.s. and they cost more, too, but the brewers say you get what you pay for. in brooklyn new york, rick levinthal, fox news. >>> the news tonight is far from over. >> the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. >>> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. >>> how much will you pay for gas? the prices seem to just keep going up, up, up. thanks for joining us at 11:00. i'm will thomas. >> and i'm maureen umeh. oil producing nations embroiled in revolution. now the white house is considering tapping into the nation's oil reserves. fox's adam shapiro with what it might do and why it might backfire. >> reporter: the obama administration is considering opening up the nation's strategic oil reserves to help deal with soaring gas prices. white house chief of staff william daley says it's one of the options the president is looking at to stablize markets. >> we're looking at the options. there's the issue of the reserve is what we're considering. it is something that only is done and has been done in very rare occasions. there's a bunch of factors that have to be looked at. >>
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8